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Dental/Medical Missions

Dentistry Ministries is a branch of the multi-tiered tree of service and outreach that is, Inspired Purpose Dr. Wendi and her mission team travel throughout the world providing access for emergency dental care. The #1 change people communicate after having an infected tooth removed is “no more chest pain”. Oral disease has been linked to many deadly systemic diseases throughout the body like heart disease, strokes, low birth weight babies, diabetes, pneumonia and the list of cancers grow every day. With this research and clinical-based evidence, it is clear that dental health is essential for overall wellness.


Dr. Wendi and her team support these missions with dedicated workers, medications, dental supplies, medical equipment, and donations. Treatment is provided in schools, orphanages, highways, byways, and alleys. We treat the ”Who so ever will come”.


Dr. Wendi acknowledges and credits her 10 year military dental field experience with the specialty training needed for dental mission environments. She believes “A Healthy Mouth is a Healthy You” and chooses to answer the call God has given her to serve the under-served with her gifts and talents.

Thank you for you donation. 


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